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Building REST API/Graphql is so easy with @supabase!
I just insert data into table, then that's it!

This is the backbone for lol 😂

#restapi #graphql #supabase
sudo 👾

supabase has a been such a productivity boost for me

Supabase has raised an $80m Series B 🎉

It's been a whirlwind 2.5 years and we certainly couldn't have done it without you - our community.

Thanks for all the bug reports, product feedback, and contributions.

Y'all are the best 👁️⚡️👁️…
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Free & Open Source
Nick Maxwell

@supabase Putting a ton of well-explained example API queries in a self-building documentation is just a classy move all around. I also love having GraphQL-style nested queries with traditional SQL filtering. This is pure DX delight. A+++. #backend
🎉 Congrats, open source is eating the world, the supabase community is really awesome!…
We just released Dashibase's open-source repo on GitHub 🥳 It's a really easy way to build user dashboards built on top of @supabase. Check it out at…!
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