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7:38 AM · May 17, 2022
Holy moly, I just created a weight loss data sheet with @supabase and @svelte in 32 lines of code. WUT!?

Thanks for the inspiration @BrittneyPostma

This is clearly very simple and not representative of a real app but it does demonstrate how good the DX is. To be continued...
7:05 PM · May 14, 2022
I love the @supabase community
10:40 AM · May 13, 2022
Just used @supabase for @alexgarcia_atx 's and I's new project. Love it so far, just wish it had a better integration with @prisma 🤨
5:03 PM · May 12, 2022
🦋 Don't you love when an automated database migration works?! 🧘‍♀️…
6:08 PM · May 11, 2022
Hey @supabase team!

Any best-practices how to use auth alongside with wordpress? Would be super cool to let my existing userbase authenticate in my supabase app.
5:31 PM · May 16, 2022
Is there a @supabase client for your favorite language? Check out the community supported libs here 💚

Get involved:…
2:37 PM · May 13, 2022
↖️ guess who's trendy on github today

Thanks for all the love y'all.

Come hang out with some of the team:
5:06 AM · May 13, 2022

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